Refund Policy

Refunding payments

There may be occasions when you need to refund a shopper. Just like trading on the high street, every time a sale is made there is an agreement between you and the shopper. Generally speaking, when the shopper agrees to pay for an item he/she has a right to assume that the product is not defective.

Refund policy

</>You should have a refund policy publicised on your website, and have procedures set up to deal with refunds in accordance with Worldpay’s website rules.

Full and partial refunds

Full or partial refunds are made from the Payment and Order Details pop-up box (accessed from the Payments page) on the Merchant Interface. Refunds are made by using a Refund button.

A partial refund may be made if a shopper returns part of the original order, if you can supply only part of an order, or where goods are damaged. You may make several partial refunds up to the value of the original order.

When can a refund be made?

The system always displays the Refund button for credit and debit card payments that are at the status of CAPTURED or SETTLED. If a payment is at the AUTHORISED status, the Refund button is not made available by the system and you should cancel the payment instead. Please refer to Cancel a Payment.

When you make a refund, the Payment Service does various checks to ensure that the financial institution accepts refund instructions and that the amount to be refunded is still available for that payment. If it is, the refund request is scheduled and sent to the appropriate financial institution. Once a payment is processed, the shopper receives the refund amount you requested. You should note that a refund may take as much as 3-6 weeks to be processed depending on the acquirer.

When you attempt to make a refund you may receive error messages, if you:

  • Do not have enough funds in your account. If necessary, please contact refundfailure@worldpay for further assistance. Note that when you try to make a full refund on a first live payment, the Payment Service deducts commission straightaway, so the full amount is not available in your account. You are advised, therefore, to make the first live transaction one of low value.
  • Try to refund more than the CAPTURED amount.