Wellbeing in the workplace

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Wellbeing in the workplace

With the recent turn of events over the last few years, it has forced us to redefine the way we work. The traditional office environment has been replaced with flexible working solutions, virtual offices and co-working spaces. More and more businesses are adopting the modern way of working, scrapping conventional standards of the 9-5 office job life.

But, with all these business changes, comes the impact on employees’ wellbeing. With numerous businesses already operating in the flexible working sector, how can they pioneer workplace wellbeing? The answer lies within incorporating new wellness strategies, tailored to the working environment of its employees.

Virtual offices and wellbeing

Virtual offices allow for flexibility. Which, after the pandemic, has seen an increase in need. The ability to hot-desk encourages employees to maintain a work-life balance as full remote working can impact wellness and wellbeing of employees. Having some form of contact can combat loneliness and break up a routine which can often be centred around work only.

Co-working and wellbeing

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to house many businesses all in one sharable open office. This not only encourages flexibility and socialising but like Grosvenor House, the ‘all in one’ solution with modern décor and less structure provides individuals with a sense of being more relaxed. This can massively impact productivity as employees thrive in an environment where a healthy, positive, ergonomic space is provided along with a chance to work alongside like-minded individuals.

Wellbeing in the workplace tips

  1. Socialising – this is a great way to break up your working day. Remote workers often feel lonely and tend to work more hours due to lack of social interaction. Co-working offers socialising on a wider scale as a shared office space holds various people from different backgrounds and multiple industries.


  1. Events – many co-working spaces hold events such as coffee mornings, social hours or even business talks. Attending these will not only help with networking but will help you connect with people on a more personal level.


  1. Eating well – wellbeing is tied to what you eat. Maintaining a healthy diet can help you not only feel more productive but can help structure a healthier routine. Often, employees will skip a meal due to their workload or will pick the quickest food they can, not thinking about what they are actually putting in their bodies.


  1. Physical Exercise – it is important to get away from your desk, computer, smart phone or tablet. Though it can be hard to achieve this during a typical working day. Co-working spaces offer you the ability to move around more and are usually central to many locations, allowing you to go out and explore on your lunch breaks. Physical exercise such as walking helps to de-stress and centre your mind. Many businesses encourage fresh air post-covid where staying in was encouraged but affected mental wellbeing.


Here at Grosvenor House, we offer virtual office spaces, hot desking and co-working solutions. Get in touch with us today to discuss our range of bespoke office solutions and modern facilities, book a unique space, and discover why we offer the perfect office solution for your business.



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