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5 Key Features of Virtual Offices

What is a virtual office?

virtual office provides a business office address without physical office space. This allows employees to work remotely and virtually while your business maintains a physical presence. With a virtual office Sydney, individuals can work from anywhere and still utilize key features of a physical office.

Virtual offices are mostly popular with start-up companies and small businesses who wish to minimise expenses. Many virtual office packages allow businesses to maintain an air of professionalism, without the costly commitment of a traditional office contract.

Virtual office packages come with multiple different features. These services are customisable, bespoke, and tailored to your business needs. Here at Grosvenor House, we have a variety of virtual office packages to choose from:

Features Of Virtual Offices

So, what are the key features of virtual offices? Our virtual office packages often include:

 1. Registered Business Address

First and foremost, a virtual office will provide you with a prestigious business address registered at Companies House. You can use this address across all correspondence such as your business cards, letterheads, and on your website. Learn more about why using a virtual office address is more beneficial than using your home address.

2. Telephone Answering & Call Handling

A virtual office offers telephone answering and call handling services in which a receptionist at the office address will answer and manage your calls and messages using your company’s name. They will then be able to and transfer and forward calls to you, as well as relay messages back to you. You will own your own phone line and receive your own unique telephone number exclusive to your company.

3. Post Handling & Mail Forwarding

A virtual office address will often include a post and mail service which means your post and mail is delivered to the office address. As part of this service, a receptionist will confidentially open your physical mail, scan the contents, and forward it on to you via email so you receive all post immediately. A virtual office will sign for and handle all incoming mail and deliveries, meaning your business can be operational 24/7.

4. Workspaces Services

Many virtual office spaces also provide added workspace facilities such as offices, coworking spaces, and hot-desking facilities which you can drop in and use on a pay-as-you-go ad hoc basis whenever you need a physical office to work from. These workspaces have a range of amenities such as open plan working, modern decor, air conditioning, broadband, refreshments, storage, kitchenette, fax machine and printer copier, conference calling, and television.

5. Meeting Room Hire

Virtual office packages also provide meeting rooms and conference rooms which are available for hire if you need a physical, professional space for a business meeting. Meeting rooms include facilities such as TV, refreshments, printer, copier, air conditioning, broadband, seating, and conference call equipment. This aspect of virtual office packages is especially important as it still provides companies with the benefit of networking – a key aspect of many successful businesses.

Your Bespoke Virtual Office Solution

From a prestigious business address and call handling to post handling, workspaces, and meeting room hire, virtual offices come with many different features that can be tailored to your business needs. Get in touch with Grosvenor House today for your bespoke virtual office solution