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Who Needs A Virtual Office?
10 December 2020
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Quarterly Company Update
18 March 2021

60% growth in Virtual Offices since Lockdown 1

Since the first lockdown, Grosvenor House saw an initial rise in signups for virtual offices in the summer. However, as the national lockdowns have continued into 2021, Grosvenor House have seen a rise of 60% growth on the Registered Office virtual offices package from the first lockdown to date.

With the current economy causing complications for SMEs, it’s no surprise to have seen costs spent on pricey rent spaces being axed to save money for the business. And what better way to save on unnecessary costs than with a virtual office?

One of the main benefits of this package is the low cost – priced at only £25pm + VAT a month, this is proving to be a popular and perfect solution for businesses investing in virtual offices during the pandemic, when the purse strings need to be a little tighter. However, that being said, a common theme for our clients is to begin with this Registered Office package, and then continue to upgrade to one of our other packages (Mail Forwarding or our Premium Package)

Which types of businesses are investing in virtual offices?

There are predominantly two types of industries which have contributed to the rise of virtual offices over the last 10 months:

  • Established businesses

These types of businesses are those who have become accustomed to working from home, and have then, in turn, served notice on their physical office spaces.

By deciding to invest in a virtual office when a business’ physical space is no longer required, as a business, you would also always have the option of buying a meeting room or office space bundle – which will allow employees to still be able to use the physical office space when needed.

  • Start-up companies

As lockdown will have allowed people the opportunity to begin new business ventures, start-up companies have also contributed to the growth of virtual office space enquiries.

As a new start-up, here at Grosvenor House, our service helps when registering your LTD company with Companies House, and we can assist on your marketing materials. Learn more about how virtual offices can benefit start-up companies.

Industries interested in virtual office spaces

Currently, the most common industries that are requesting virtual offices include:

  • Cyber security
  • Trades companies
  • Consultancies
  • Healthcare

Virtual office considerations during lockdown

Of course, there are some features of our virtual office services that been adapted to adhere to the current climate. Customers signing up to our Mail Handling package are now opting to have their post opened and either scanned or emailed across to them, so they’re receiving the mail in real-time, rather than relying on the speed of the post service to physically forward their post to them. This is particularly important during a period where Royal Mail are facing severe delays, due to all shops being shut and everything being posted instead.

This is a popular option for companies who are not based in the Midlands, and who would be unable to travel to Birmingham to collect their mail, as 1 in 10 of our Mail Handling clients are not based in the Midlands. This means they require a convenient yet cost-effective solution when looking for a Birmingham virtual office – having the benefits of the prestigious postcode, but without the illogical infeasibility of collecting post in person.

Interested in our virtual office packages yourself? Choose between our registered office package, mail forwarding package or our premium business package. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for more information.