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7 Disadvantages of Using Home Address as a Business Address

When setting up a new business, finding office space can be a challenge. From finding a decent location to being able to source a location within the budget, it may seem near impossible. It might be tempting to turn to the option of registering your home as your business address – but that also comes with its problems. Find out the disadvantages  and our solution for new starts-ups.

Using home address for business

If you’re looking to start up a business, listing your home address as your new business address may seem like a good idea. But there are considerations that you – as a business owner and a homeowner – need to be aware of:

1. Privacy

By listing your home address as your business address, this will then mean that your home address is public. To be established as a legitimate business, it will need to be publicly registered on Companies House – and will become available to everyone. This can jeopardise the privacy of your home.

You would also need to list your address on the Contact Us page of your site and publish it on Google to appear in Google My Business listings – again, compromising your privacy. By displaying no address, it adds a level of suspicion and discredits your company.

2. Family safety

Linking to the above point, having your home as your new business address may put the safety of your family in jeopardy too. Listing your home address means anyone can find out where you or your family live – not only may they have their own concerns about this and disagree with it, but it may put their privacy in danger.

3. Uninvited guests

Examples of uninvited guests who could turn up on your doorstep are:

  • HMRC
  • Clients
  • Prospects

Companies such as HMRC can provide visitation warnings to virtual offices, yet with a home address, they may appear at the door at any time – which could be stressful if you are not prepared. As well as this, clients and prospects who have seen the listed address on Companies House, your website or Google may turn up at any hour of the day unexpectedly.

4. Legal issues

When registering your home address for business, you may run into a few legal issues along the way. If you’re looking to set up a business in England but your home address is listed in Scotland, this will stop you from listing your home as the business address – due to being in a separate country. Once you’ve chosen a registered office address in your own country, all statutory mail from Companies House, HMRC and any legal notices for your business will be delivered to this address.

5. Mail mishaps

Tying in with the above point, having all your business mail and your personal mail delivered to the same address can get overwhelming. As a homeowner, you’ll be aware of the amount of paperwork that comes through the letterbox each week – it’s already too much! Now, expect to double if not triple the amount of mail you’re set to receive by listing your home as your business address. It can often be difficult to stay on top of.

Yet, with one of our virtual offices, you can have your Mail Handling completely taken care of in a professional manner by our helpful team.

6. Increase in cold callers

Cold callers turning up on your doorstep is never an ideal situation when you’re relaxing at home. This could have an impact on your time spent in the house – for example, cold callers interested in your business may interrupt family dinner time or call at all hours of the night or day. Your partner or members of your family may not be too impressed at having to entertain cold callers.

7. Professional image

Having your home address listed as a new business address may also give off a sense of lack of professionalism. It may also mean you’ll struggle to instil trust in prospects – as they can clearly see the business is in a home residential area.

Having your business listed in a respected, busy, city centre location is much more appealing to clients – and adds a level of credibility and authority to your company. Not only would it be more beneficial for prospect and client growth, but it will help showcase your business as a brand in an established area.

Home business address solution: Virtual Offices

That’s why having your business address registered as a virtual office address with Grosvenor House is the perfect solution. With tailor-made solutions, no long-term contracts and prices starting from just £25pm, avoid any complications with listing your business at home. Let our experts take care of everything with our services, such as registered office, mail forwarding and premium business packages.

For more information, get in touch with a member of our helpful team today. Alternatively, read our helpful guide on how virtual offices can help new start-ups for more advice.