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Case Study: Carloumi

Here at Grosvenor House, we provide a varied range of services to a multitude of clients. We cherish our clients, and their feedback is highly valued by us. This month, we got a chance to chat with one of our clients, Carloumi, to hear what they had to say about our business and how Grosvenor House has helped their business.

About Carloumi

As private finance specialists, Carloumi’s expertise lies in delivering tailored mortgages and financial solutions. Whether you need advice about corporate funding, buy-to-let properties or residential, their expert team is always on board to give you advice – dedicated to securing the most attractive terms for their clients.

Carloumi also maintains excellent relationships with High Street Banks, Building Societies, as well as various lending institutions. During this interview, we spoke with Managing Director or Carloumi, Carrie Morris.

How has Grosvenor House benefited your business?

Carloumi has resided at Grosvenor House for six years and they utilise both meeting rooms and virtual office services. Carrie really likes working at Grosvenor house because the offices add a layer of professionalism to their business. The concierge service means Carloumi can have their external calls answered, and messages sent to the reception. Post is also delivered to a professional location, and St Paul’s is a great central place to meet clients as and when required.

Regarding the services at Grosvenor House, Carrie commented:

“Grosvenor is a beautiful building, easy to access re parking and both Hannah and Ellie are amazing! GH is essentially the trading address for my business and provides a professional space to meet clients for face-to-face meetings.”

During this interview, Carrie also highlighted the ideality of Grosvenor’s location:

“Having an office, virtual or otherwise, in the actual city centre tends to be a logistic nightmare for clients to locate, and park at a reasonable cost. Having an office in St Paul’s is a relaxed, peaceful location, is easy to find and inexpensive to park!”

With regards to the recent pandemic, Carrie was also impressed that Grosvenor House stayed open with COVID precautions in place. Although there was no need for meeting clients face-to-face, it was nice to have the flexibility of working in an office. Carrie’s concluding comments were:

“I’m just so pleased I found you guys 6 years ago!”. 

If you think Grosvenor House could potentially benefit your business, check out our office spaces and virtual office services. For more information, contact our helpful team today.