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Cool office space ideas

Looking for creative office space ideas for your company? Or perhaps interested in hiring out a quirky office space for the day? Our ultimate guide on cool office ideas has you covered! From being able to hit the gym in your office to working in communal co-working space areas, discover which ideas are perfect for your business.

Creative & Cool office ideas

Rooftop views

If you’ve got an office space in the heart of a city centre, including a rooftop into the architectural design is a great investment. Not only does this likely provide a great view for employees to admire, in the summer, it can be a great place to work outside, host meetings, or even catch some sun rays at lunch.

Basement kit out

Having a basement area in your office is a great way to create a variety of space and cool working areas for employees. Fill the basement with comfy sofas, a small kitchen area and a bean bags for employees to take a more relaxed approach to working, and also escape the humdrum of the office once in a while. Alternatively, you can use your office basement for meeting rooms – take the team downstairs or impress clients with kit out modern décor with a basement meeting floor.

Office bar

Another great way to utilise a basement in a working space is by including an office bar. Here at Grosvenor House, this is a feature which separates our office services from the rest – check out office Bar 11, an exclusive recreational haven which is the perfect venue for all your networking events. Impress prospects or existing clients by hiring out the office bar for a private event – and accommodate up to 25 delegates.

Hitting the gym

What better way to force yourself to work out than having a gym in your office space? We all need that extra motivation sometimes – but by having gym access through your office space, simply pack a bag, throw on your kit at lunchtime or after work and hit the gym. It’s certainly beats paying for a membership!

Outdoor working area

Another cool office idea is to incorporate an outside working area for employees. If you are able to hook up an outside Wi-Fi connection, let employees take their meetings, phone calls and laptops outside to get some fresh air. Equip your outside area with benches, worktables, shaded areas to avoid sun glare and specified communal areas for employees to take a break.

Communal spaces

As well as your normal working office, it’s always beneficial to have more than one area for employees to choose to work. Kitting your office out with communal areas for workers to take their work and laptops and work is a great way to create balance in the office. Sometimes, people need more peace and quiet than the office is allowing for – so having these optional communal areas allow employees to get their head down, and escape the four walls once in a while. Alternatively, hiring out a coworking office space does this just as well – with the option of being able to network with different people, not being tied down to one office and more, learn more about the benefits of coworking spaces at Grosvenor House now.

For more cool office spaces, check out this article from Bored Panda – from the likes of Google Zurich to Airbnb, there are some seriously unique and creative office spaces to see. Our particular favourite is Inventionland Design Factory’s offices!

But if you want something a little closer to home that’s still a quirky unique office space, find out more about our services here at Grosvenor House. With bar hire in Birmingham available for both corporate and leisure events, as well the option of having a virtual office in the heart of a bustling city centre, get in touch with a member of our helpful team today for more information about our cool office spaces.