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28 July 2020
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24 September 2020

Grosvenor House sees rise in signs up during lockdown

Based in the heart of central Birmingham, our Grosvenor House office has resumed its normal opening hours after the COVID-19 lockdown, reopening to visitors on the 6th July. This is after seeing a surge in enterprise registrations during the lockdown period. Learn more about how our virtual office services in Birmingham have seen a rise in sign-ups, and how it could benefit your flexible working routine.

How we improved during lockdown

While the pandemic was hitting the nation its hardest in March and April, the owners here at Grosvenor House took this time to redecorate all five floors of the classic Georgian building while business activity was restricted. Our teams reduced the office opening hours and began working from home, while still providing full services – including call handling, switchboard maintenance and post handling.

Director of Business Centre, Hannah Campbell, said: “The whole building benefitted from an internal coat of paint. One of the businesses that occupies the first floor decided to go paperless during lockdown, so the office is clutter free and now all documents are cloud based. We also added storage cupboards for additional cleaning and sanitising goods, paper towel dispensers added to each bathroom and deep clean on carpets and staircases.”

While we were bettering our offerings, entrepreneurs took the opportunity during the lockdown to sign up with us – resulting in a 10% increase in registrations.

Hannah also continued to explain how the lockdown appears to have focussed business minds on taking advantage of Grosvenor House’s “virtual” offering:

“With sales of our conference and meeting room services stopping overnight due to the lockdown and meetings moving to Zoom and online means, we were worried where the revenue would then come from.

“But the virtual offering really increased and the demand for a professional address, call handling services and mail forwarding were heightened during the lockdown period. We saw a 10% growth in the virtual packages.”

How we’ll continue to improve

With the country still in a slight state of limbo – with some businesses open full time and thriving and others unable to resume business as usual – here at Grosvenor, it’s important to keep momentum with our business offerings. We envisage our ‘Taste of Grosvenor’ networking events will resume at the back end of 2020, as soon as the government permits, meaning we can bring our clients and other small businesses together again. We also have some new physical tenants that have signed up during lockdown, who are due to move in to the building on the second and third floors from August.

In the meantime, our virtual office services continue to thrive – so if you’re interested in learning how one of our multiple packages can improve your business while working from home, or if you’re looking to permanently create a flexible working environment for your employees, we have you covered. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team here in the Jewellery Quarter today.