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Home office setup ideas

Looking for ways to set up your home office while working from home? From dealing with distractions to general office setup, our detailed guide has you covered.

How to set up home office space

Whether you’re a frequent worker-from-home, or circumstances have forced working from home to be the ‘new normal’, there’s never a better time to revamp your home office setup. Improving your home office environment can lead to a more productive workflow – as well as being able to enjoy the perks that working from home can provide. So, where should you start to create your perfect home office setup?

Home office equipment

Choosing the best equipment for your home office is arguably one of the most important points to consider when revamping your home office setup. This would include:

  • Office chair – investing in a supportive, comfortable chair. If you know you’ll be working at home for a prolonged period of time, ensure your back, arms, neck and posture is supported by a comfortable office chair.
  • Dual screen – it may be that in the office you’re set up with two screens – so why not replicate that format in your home office, too? Dual screens are likely to increase efficiency when completing tasks – as well as making your view more manageable.
  • Wire management – are your wires sticking out all over the place? Clamps and zip ties can sort this out in a second. Often, working in an office jumbled in cords and cables can lead to a ‘messy room, messy life’ type of work attitude.
  • Wireless mouse – eliminate another unnecessary cable by investing in a wireless mouse. Not only does this create a cleaner office space with lack of wires, but it also moves you away from using your laptop cursor – which can often have limited functionality (especially if you’re stuck in an excel spreadsheet!)

Where to set up your home office

Now your home office equipment is sorted, it’s important to consider the location in your house for your home office. A few things to consider include:

  • Light – is the area light and airy? Does it have access to natural light?
  • Privacy – will the area be suitable for making calls? Will you have clients coming over to visit and need your own area away from the rest of the house to do so? Will the kids/pets likely disturb you in this workspace?
  • Storage – is the area large enough to store all the files/paperwork you need?
  • Ventilation – is the area stuffy? Does it have access to windows and fresh air?

How to deal with distractions when working from home

Of course, working from home can also come with its distractions – whether that’s distractions from other members of your family, animals and pets or simply the temptation to relax in the garden or put your feet up on your sofa. Some way to eliminate distractions while working from home include:

  • Playing music – it may be that your home environment can be quite noisy. Playing your own music that inspires creativity or productivity can be a good way to drown out some of the distracting noise.
  • Take short breaks – make sure you leave the house at points during the day – whether that’s to go on a short walk or sit in the garden. That way, you can feel like you’re breaking up your day more – while providing a change a scenery too.
  • Do not disturb – if there are other people in your home, it would be helpful to ask them to not disturb you in working hours.
  • Turning your phone on silent – if you have both a personal and business phone, you should either turn off your personal phone during working hours, or turn it on silent and face it down so you won’t get distracted by notifications popping up.
  • Maintain office hours – if your work offers you flexibility, you can fit working around your own home schedule. However, if you’re finding that this is meaning you are less productive, a good idea to eliminate distractions is by sticking to normal office hours to help provide some routine.

Working from home with a virtual office solution

Although many of us may have been forced to work from home during the current climate, this can often show people how little they require their large office spaces with huge overheads to pay. With a virtual office from Grosvenor House, use our prestigious city centre address as your own business address – with benefits of call handling, mail handling and an exclusive telephone number for your company.

Learn more about our virtual office solutions to make working from home the ‘new normal’ with help from Grosvenor House. Contact us now for more information.