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4 May 2023
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How is the Work From Anywhere Trend Growing in 2023

The concept of ‘work from home’ or working remotely simply means the practice of employees or employers working from a location other than their central offices or headquarters. These other locations could range from an employee’s home, private office, co-working space or hot-desking in a shared space. Embracing the work from anywhere trend, individuals and organisations are increasingly leveraging the flexibility afforded by remote work arrangements.

Pre-covid, working remotely was an added benefit provided by some employers as an incentive or an arrangement to accommodate personal reasons, such as parents with kids and families. However, the mass transition to working from home came during the early stages of COVID-19 and has since remained in place with working remotely offered for most employees in most companies.

With a big fundamental shift in the workplace, working remotely is here to stay – so, it is important to be aware of the key trends emerging in 2023.

Hybrid Working

Post-covid, many employees were expected to return back to the office. Since the benefits of working remotely impacted many businesses positively, hybrid working has become a happy compromise between employees and employers and is set to rise for more companies in many industries over the coming years.

Keep it Virtual

As some businesses thrived throughout covid and continued to grow, as did the recruitment of new employees. Virtual interviews became the norm and were conducted on a wider scale. Since remote work was still applicable, the pool of candidates to choose from widened geographically – allowing the companies to hire the best candidates for the job. Since then, many businesses have embraced virtual technologies such as teams and slack to continue the recruitment process, effectively communicate and take meetings with clients on a global scale.

Employee Wellbeing

Whilst remote working has its benefits, for some employees it has had an impact on mental health and wellbeing. Not having a daily routine, help and support, other employees to converse with or social events can be detrimental to employees feeling isolated. 2023 has seen a major shift on employee wellbeing with many businesses offering other working options such as hybrid working, hot-desking or co-working spaces that hold plenty of social and networking events.

Cyber Security

With remote working becoming increasingly popular, as does the demand for increased cyber security. For employees working from home or remotely, the implementation of cyber security remains challenging for many businesses. 2023 and beyond will see a saturated market in cybersecurity with many cybersecurity start-ups aiming to meeting the demands required for the work from anywhere trend.

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