virtual offices can save you money
How virtual offices can save you money
24 April 2019
importance of office location
The importance of office location in business
24 May 2019

How to choose the best virtual office for your business

From ensuring it’s in the ideal location, to experiencing exceptional customer service, we know how important choosing a virtual office for your business can be. Find out how to choose the right registered address today with help from our guide.

Why choose a virtual office?

Whether you’re expanding your existing business across multiple locations or you’re a new business start-up, virtual offices can be extremely beneficial for enhancing your business. They offer you the opportunity to register your business address at a specific location with the option of additional services to take your business to the next level, all with less hassle for you.

But choosing the right one is vital – so, what is the best virtual office space for your business? Learn the most important elements to consider when making your decision.

What to look for when choosing your virtual office space

Customer Service

Ensuring your team has hands-on excellent customer service is one of the main points to consider when choosing the best virtual office for you. You need a team you can rely on and feel like the money you’ve invested into your new virtual office is worthy and well spent with the company you’ve chosen.

At Grosvenor House, we provide an exceptional level of customer service you can always rely on – we have a personalised service which can be tailored specifically to your individual needs as a business.


Choosing an office that has an ideal location is important – not only for you and your company, but for clients too. A prestigious business address will impress clients and prospects – and gives you the opportunity to invite them in for meetings, if you choose a virtual office that has meeting rooms to hire.

Having a virtual office in the thriving Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham City Centre is popular with a wide variety of industries – including creatives, solicitors, architects and more. St Paul’s Square is associated with prestige and professionalism – making it a desired place to register your business. Location is vital when setting up a business – and with a virtual office, you have the option of setting up anywhere, so why not choose an idyllic location that can offer you exactly what you need?

Additional service offerings

As well as having a registered business address, your virtual office should be able to offer you a variety of add on services to choose from to enhance your business. These additional services can include:

  • Mail forwarding and handling
  • Exclusive telephone number
  • Call forwarding
  • Personalised messaging
  • Conference room hire
  • Open and scan postal services

When looking for the best virtual office for your business, make sure you’re clued up not only on the logistics of your registered address, but on the additional services available to utilise, too.


Understanding the financials of your new virtual office is important when choosing the best virtual office space for your business. Keep in mind the complete cost – is this affordable? What is included in your package – can you expand it to include various additional services that can really help your business to grow?

Here at Grosvenor House, we offer a selection of packages to suit the need of every budget. On our lowest package at £25pm + VAT, you can still register your business at our address, use our address across all correspondence and use our professional photos of Grosvenor House for your own business. Learn more about our packages and prices today.

Let Grosvenor House help you choose the best office space for your business. Get in touch with us today or find out more from our packages online now.