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7 November 2022
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How to run your business from anywhere in the world

One of the main attractions of working for yourself is choosing the hours and location you work. Running your own business can mean no more commuting, no 9-5 and no traditional office space. Advances in communication technology and access to reliable internet means many entrepreneurs can work from anywhere or relocate to the most unlikely of places – allowing you to run and operate your business from anywhere in the world.

During the height of covid, many were forced to redefine the way they work and where. With that came a new approach to the tools and technologies used to effectively operate a business on a small and large scale. From working from home to co-working spaces and hotdesking, it is now entirely achievable for most businesses to operate from anywhere in the world. We’ve compiled our top tips for businesses in this simple guide.

Tips for running your business from anywhere in the world

Reliable Internet

This is first and foremost to run your business from anywhere. Making your business portable can mean your business is able to operate from anywhere with an internet connection. That’s why it pays to invest in reliable internet particularly if you are located in any remote part of the world.

Invest in communication technology

Whether you are a small business with fewer employees, a larger company with many employees or your business is run solely by you – staying connected with your employees, customers and suppliers is essential for operating a successful business. Video conferencing and messaging apps such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet can help you communicate effectively from anywhere in the world.

Use social media to your advantage

By now, we all know the power of social media as a tool for marketing and growing your business. Ensuring you are on social media and using it effectively can help you connect to like-minded individuals and network worldwide. Using scheduling platforms and planning tools like ContentCal or Hootsuite can help you generate content ideas as well as help you to stay on top of your posting schedule so you don’t miss anything.

File sharing & storage

It goes without saying that file sharing and storage can be challenging, even more so when you operate your business around the world. Ensuring you use the safest and most reliable file sharing and storage such as Dropbox, can help you collaborate with your employees from anywhere.

Remote working

Whether you run a small or large business with a small team or no team at all, remote working can be useful. This cuts down commute time, and busy lunch hours and can offer flexibility to some employees including yourself. When running a business, most entrepreneurs know to expect the unexpected and that flexibility is key. Remote working or working from home is a great way to trial run the effectiveness of operating your business out of the traditional office environment.

Virtual and co-working offices

A virtual office space can help you maintain professionalism whilst operating from anywhere in the world. Many virtual and co-working office spaces allow you to use their registered address or office spaces for hotdesking when needed or to hire out conference and meeting rooms. The main benefit of this is that there’s no need to be tied in to a long-term contract.

Call and mail forwarding

One of the key challenges when choosing to run your business from anywhere, is staying organised. It can prove to be a difficult to keep on track of emails and calls when you are always on the move and often in different time-zones. This is where automating as much as possible can be extremely helpful. Mail forwarding and call forwarding is an ideal choice for most businesses who only require a virtual office with a registered office address.

At Grosvenor House, we offer virtual office spaces, hot desking and co-working solutions with a wide range of add-on services to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss our range of bespoke office solutions or book a unique space and discover why we offer the perfect office solution for your business.