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8 February 2019
virtual offices can save you money
How virtual offices can save you money
24 April 2019

How Virtual Offices Can Help New Start-ups

Considering starting up your own business? Whether you’re wanting to get your foot in the door of the marketing industry, hunting talent in the recruitment sector or creating a hub for IT gurus, learn the advantages of virtual office services and how virtual offices can help new start-ups.

What is a virtual office space?

A virtual office is a service that enables business owners to have an office address, telephone number and administration services. Businesses can work remotely from this address without the requirement to pay rent for an actual physical space. Learn more about what a virtual office is from our guide.

Benefits of virtual offices for new start-ups

Now we’re clear on what a virtual office is, how can it help new businesses?

Cost effective

First thing’s first – cost. When starting up a new business, cost undoubtedly must play a massive part in the decision-making process. Some things may need sacrificing until you make profit – but your virtual office doesn’t have to be one of them.

Start from as little as £25p/m in a fantastic location in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter with Grosvenor House. And not only that, but there’s no need to fork out funds on expensive office equipment, furnishing your new place with desks and supplies – the virtual office is equipped, ready for you, and if you’re working in a office shared space, the use of office fitouts Melbourne can be a great choice for you.

Prime location business address

Next, location. Everybody wants the perfect office for their business – local transport links at your fingertips, shops and restaurants close by for convenience and meetings, and in a safe, respected area. But the process of acquiring an office like this can be laborious – which is why registering to a virtual office can take the pressure off.

However, a common mistake new start-ups make is listing their new business address as their home address. This can be detrimental for a number of reasons:

Professionalism – it doesn’t boast professionalism to see the business address of a new company listed clearly as a residential area
Privacy – if you’re listing your business on Google as part of your business onboarding, your privacy then suddenly becomes in jeopardy as searchers can easily see where you live
Unexpected guests – prior warning for visitation from companies such as HMRC can be given if a virtual office is listed as the registered business address, but if it were a home address, they can appear at any time to your place of residence. Having a virtual office instead lets you prepare for these meetings and avoid feeling caught off guard.

Increased flexibility

How many of us have wanted to work on our hours, our time and to our pace? With a virtual office, you can do just that. Wave goodbye to the dreaded morning commute – with a virtual office, there’s no need to be ‘on time’, as your business can work remotely from this location while still receiving the benefits of the service.

And if you require, the general 9-5 working hours don’t have to apply anymore, either – sneak some work time in before you drop the kids at school, or in the quiet hours when everyone else is in bed.

Immediate start

One of the most time-consuming things when starting up a new business is dealing with finding a physical location. And even then, you may have to wait until the contract kicks in before you can move in and get the ball rolling.

However, when registering a virtual office with Grosvenor House, you can have an immediate start date. The Grosvenor House address can be used immediately upon signing the contract, meaning you can get on with starting out your new business while we take care of the legwork.

Front of house team

And if that’s not enough, you can relax in the knowledge your business is in safe hands with a dedicated front of house team. With reception and administration support, mail, calls and general enquires can be dealt with all from the base of your virtual office.

And it’s up to you how much responsibility you still want – here at Grosvenor House, we offer a range of packages to choose from including additional services to make your transition into your new business all that bit easier.

How to start a virtual office business

So now you know the advantages of virtual offices for new start-ups, how do you get involved? Through Grosvenor House, you have the option to choose a Registered Office package, a Mail Forwarding and Handling package or a Premium Business Package.

Interested in the benefits of virtual office space for your business? Find out more about our virtual office space now.