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How virtual offices can help prevent Coronavirus spread

With the whole of the globe currently experiencing the effects of the new COIVD-19 virus, it’s likely the country, as well as the world, are being recommended to stay in their homes. Working from home and avoiding public transport is currently the most recommended measure to take – but how is the UK workforce expected to conduct business as usual without access to their offices?

Unfortunately, companies and industries that are predominantly dependent on mass gatherings of people, such as the events industry, may suffer at the hands of this virus. However, if you run a company that has the ability to work from home, or work from anywhere across the country, a virtual office may be the perfect solution from you. And the best part is, this type of office contract is likely to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, too.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a type of office service that enables business owners to work remotely, yet have the benefits of a registered office address. A virtual office will provide a wide variety of business functions, such as call-handling, mail-handling and being able to own your own exclusive phone line, while providing the business owner with a prestigious postcode that would usually come with a hefty renting cost. Without having to contend with these rent prices for a central location, this allows the people to work from home, or anywhere nationwide, while having a centralised business address. Learn more about what a virtual office is from our guide.

So, how can virtual offices help combat Coronavirus spreading?

With the prospect of virtual offices, you are unlikely to use the office itself as a physical working point, unless you are using one of our coworking spaces, meeting rooms or hot-desking. This allows for absolutely fluidity and flexibility – creating an environment where anyone can work from anywhere.

This is especially helpful during the recent pandemic of the Coronavirus. As companies and businesses are being asked to work from home and avoid areas of contact with the public, such as public transport, having a virtual office is a huge benefit for businesses. Not to mention, using a virtual business address will allow you to stay safe in your homes, and not put your health and the health of others at risk by travelling into a centrally located office space while this pandemic plays out.

Of course, there are other benefits of virtual offices and how they can be an advantage to your business too, as well as the Coronavirus aspect. Having a virtual office can be extremely cost effective for a business, as well as allowing for easy expansion for the team with no added cost in hiring a larger office to accommodate for onboarding more staff. Another benefit can be the ability to acquire talent from a larger pool of people – especially if your virtual office is located in the heart of a city centre, such as Birmingham’s Grosvenor House.

If you want more information on virtual businesses and how having a virtual office could be the right solution for your company, view our full list of virtual office packages now. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our expert team here at Grosvenor House for further information and support.