Virtual Offices Can Help New Start-ups
How Virtual Offices Can Help New Start-ups
18 March 2019
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How to choose the best virtual office for your business
26 April 2019

How virtual offices can save you money

Whether you’re a new start-up or a business looking to expand across multiple locations, revenue and profit are always at the forefront of any business’ decisions. And what better way to save on money than with a virtual office? Alongside the benefits of virtual offices, find out how our registered virtual offices can save your business time and money today.

Benefits of virtual offices and how they can save you money

Less rent

One of the main benefits of virtual offices is the finances it can save your business on renting costs. Having the registered address and location in a bustling area of Birmingham city centre – whilst minimising your outgoings on the cost of rent for that area – is a major perk of choosing virtual offices with Grosvenor House. Have more money to spend in different areas enhancing and growing your business rather than worrying about forking out thousands on rent.

So, how much does a virtual office cost? We offer virtual offices from just £25pm – explore our virtual offices online today.

Fewer bills

Renting a physical office is never just going to be paying for the cost of rent – there are the bills to consider, too. Minimise your outgoings with virtual offices that won’t rack up bills – simply pay out a monthly fee (alongside the services you require) and the rest is taken care of.

Work from home

Another advantage of virtual offices is the option of working from home or remotely from another location. In turn, this then saves you money on fuel or the commute into work every day. This can create a flexible working environment for yourself, and your employees, too – which can often be a plus point in hiring.

Less employees

Save costs on hiring employees for a physical office location that could be included within your virtual office hire. From receptionists and cleaning staff, to telephone and mail handling, cost of employees can be minimised from your remote office, as all your services are managed from your virtual office.

No maintenance

Cleaning services? Restocking drinks and food for staff? Fixing things which have broken or need replacing? With a virtual office, this is no longer your concern. A huge advantage of renting a virtual office is that you’re able to operate your business remotely – whilst never having to worry about paying maintenance costs.

Meeting rooms

Looking to get together with your team? Or perhaps impress clients with a meeting space in the heart of Birmingham? There’s no need to pay extra rent for meeting rooms – with Grosvenor House, hire a meeting room out at a simple hourly rate. Find out more about our meeting rooms to hire today.

Why choose virtual offices

When it comes to saving money for your business, a virtual office is one of the most effective modern-day tools you can utilise in this ever-increasing digital world. Whether it’s expanding your existing company to span across multiple locations, or creating a new business start-up, we’re here to help.

Looking for your own virtual office in Birmingham? Find out everything you need to know from Grosvenor House today.