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Q&A Series – Holly Mourbey (Holiday Temp)

Here at Grosvenor House, we believe it’s important that our clients and prospects know about the brilliant team who make Grosvenor House the successful business that it is. That’s why we’ve put together a Q&A series – aiming to bring the personality and lives of the Grosvenor House team to life!

Last time, we spoke to front of house receptionist Ellie Byrne. We learnt all about her lovely Jack Russell, Stanley, how she came to work at Grosvenor House, and also her day-to-day role. This time we are getting to know Holly Mourbey – our Temp/Holiday Cover – who has been with us for the last four years. Holly covers the basics of everyone’s role, and is always able step in when the team needs an extra pair of hands.

How Holly came to work at Grosvenor

Holly first started working at Grosvenor house four years ago, and was previously a full time member of staff for six months. She is now currently undertaking a placement at acting college, so works on an ad-hoc basis.

With connections from a family member, she was introduced to Hannah Campbell and became a confirmed temp.

Day to day life

As a Holiday Temp, Holly is given the opportunity to utilise her multi-faceted skillset on a daily basis:

“I have to know the basics of everyone’s role within the business. The front desk and events are the main part of what I cover. The larger events hold up to 50 delegates, and it entails setting up & preparations, hosting and then the packing down after the event.”

With working on the front desk, this allows Holly to meet the wide variety of our clients, as well as familiarise herself fully with the versatile range of services we offer – including meeting rooms, virtual offices and coworking spaces.

Holly believes that virtual offices are the future: “It makes sense to have an office space in the city centre but the flexibility to use it how you need to. The price of a virtual office is also far lower than a physical office with rent and bills.” Learn more about the benefits of virtual offices from our detailed guide.

Favourite aspects of the role

When asked what her favourite part of the role is, Hollie really favours the CRM system: “It really helps me remember clients and refer back to the teams notes. As I’m not there on a day-to-day basis, it means I can pick things up straight away by looking through the notes and files. Grosvenor House use Capsule CRM, and it’s really user friendly!”

She also commented on the fantastic location where Grosvenor House is located:

“I really like walking up to Colmore Row after my shift. The Alchemist and Fumo are my favourite bars for cocktails. Gino D’Acampo restaurant has really good food on Temple Row. Grosvenor House is so easy to get to as all three train stations are within walking distance.”

Find out more about the best things to do in Birmingham’s iconic, Jewellery Quarter!

Favourite place in Grosvenor House

When asked what her favourite room in Grosvenor House was, Hollie replied: “Reception! It’s where it all happens! The meeting and greeting of clients, the constant traffic, deliveries – it’s a constant bustle of people!”

Holly enjoys working at Grosvenor as there is never a dull moment: “With so many different types of clients, it’s so interesting to get to know their businesses and personalities. Grosvenor House is constantly changing and adapting to, so every time I come back there are new things to learn. It’s given me really good hands-on work experience.”

Hobbies and interests outside of Grosvenor House

Holly’s time is typically split between the West Midlands and London, meaning that she’s constantly back and forth! “I enjoy socialising with friends, family and my boyfriend. Acting and dance are my passions, so let’s see where my studies take me.”

The nature of this holiday temp position at Grosvenor House works well with Holly’s lifestyle, allowing her the flexibility she requires!

Learn more about our virtual office packages today! Or perhaps you’re interested in hiring out one our hot desking facilities in Birmingham? Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team – we are always onboard to answer any queries you may have.