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8 February 2019
Virtual Offices Can Help New Start-ups
How Virtual Offices Can Help New Start-ups
18 March 2019

Secure Yet Flexible Office Space

Data breaches and cyberattacks are an increasing threat to businesses, but having a flexible office space offers some surprising advantages to keeping data safe whilst on the move.

Security From The Start

The financial repercussions of a data breach can be astronomical so we at Grosvenor St Pauls Limited ensure security is provided from the very start.

“What measures are in place to ensure that a flexible office space is the safest place for your data?”

While you might expect flexible office space to be less secure because the facilities are shared, the opposite can be true. At Grosvenor St Paul’s Limited, we’re very careful to segregate all our customer connections. This is carried out by our network firewalls which are designed to create virtual private networks. These networks make sure that customers can’t cross over and access other customers’ networks. Everyone’s data is isolated from everyone else.

Know Your Privacy Policies

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect since May 2018, it’s also important to ensure you’re meeting the regulation’s strict requirements – or face significant financial and reputational damage.

For businesses using flexible office space, this is particularly important. After all, you don’t want to leave confidential customer information on the shared printer or have your client list fall into the wrong hands. Grosvenor St Paul’s Limited doesn’t hold information that’s not needed.

For example, our printers and photocopiers are set to automatically delete the print jobs that get sent there once you’re finished, so your confidential document isn’t stored on the printer.

Like many companies, Grosvenor St Paul’s Limited has changed its data retention policy following GDPR. It took a lot of work to make sure we met the legal requirements in Europe, but we think that applying the guiding principles in GDPR will help provide greater protection for our clients all over the world.

Don’t Forget About Physical Security

“What security measures are in place whilst being physically based at your office?”

One of your key concerns when it comes to data security and shared office space may be rather more low-tech than some of the issues outlined above.

To protect against this, Grosvenor St Paul’s Limited have installed electronic locks and fob access across all offices and entrance/exit doors. Electronic locks which is also made by locksmith, give us a better way to control what used to be a very manual process. This not only gives customers control of their own space, but it also tracks every use of the room and records who enters the building.

To learn more about our security measures or to enquire about our co-working and office space, get in touch with our expert team today.

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