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Shared office space etiquette

Shared and co-working spaces provide employees with a flexible and unique way of workingcompared to the traditional office lifestyle. Post-pandemic, working from home benefits became the norm for most businesses, as did the rise in hot-desking and employers opting for a more relaxed working environment in the form of shared office spaces but as co-working continues to rise it’s left many people wondering just what is the best “shared office space etiquette”?

Co-working spaces offer additional services and a more sociable atmosphere than anywhere else. However, this can come with some challenges when balancing work, privacy and distractions. Often in shared office spaces, relaxed rules can blur boundaries and responsibilities among other employees across various industries. Being mindful of others around you and how corporately they operate falls under common shared office space etiquette that should be followed for positive working environment. We have outlined our top shared office space etiquette tips below.

Shared office space etiquette tips

Clean up after yourself

Although shared and co-working spaces may offer a more relaxed approach and more social events, remember it is still a working environment. The best practice to follow is to always pick up any mess you have made. Washing up your dishes, mugs and cutlery when the dishwasher is out of use, wiping up any spills, disposing of any rubbish and putting things back in place or tidying up a space once used helps maintain a friendly and polite atmosphere amongst other employees.

Be mindful of noise

As most shared office spaces are open-plan, sound may carry a lot easier in some areas than in others. Some offices may have different noise policies in place depending on the type of work they do. Generally speaking, answering phone calls in the hallways or taking a meetings at your desk are considered faux pas and poor etiquette.

That being said, communal or common areas of a shared office space are expected to be noisier in general as socialising is to be expected. Being mindful of your settings and accommodating your noise level can create a harmonious working environment.

Be courteous of shared areas and amenities

Co-working spaces means that most areas and amenities are to be shared with more people than traditional office spaces. That’s why it is recommended as best practice to follow common etiquette such as replacing any items you may have used and finished, using a space that has assigned to you, not overusing the kitchen, equipment or amenities, sticking to the allocated time you are given for any meeting and conference rooms. This will eliminate any issues and problems that may arise in an environment where corporate boundaries may be more relaxed.

Consider privacy for others in your shared office space

Whilst shared office spaces are more relaxed, understanding when privacy may be important for some businesses is key. Important business meetings, negotiations, appraisals or employee announcements may need to be handled behind closed doors and not discussed in communal areas to avoid problems. Knowing where to handle private business affairs is best practice for all businesses when maintaining a healthy co-working environment.

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