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26 April 2019
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30 May 2019

The importance of office location in business

Ensuring you have the perfect office space is often at the forefront of your mind when looking for a new office. But have you considered the impact the location will have upon your business? Whether you’re looking for a virtual office space, or a day-to-day working office, learn the importance of location in business – and what to consider before signing onto a new office space.

What are the benefits of a good location for a business?

For either a day-to-day working office or a virtual office space, having the perfect location is vital to any business. So, what are the important things to consider when looking for office location?

Transport links – whether this is for employees getting to work, or for clients coming in for meetings, having good transport links makes a business a much more successful thriving entity. If there are few transport links to your office, you’re less likely to attract prospects to visit. This can really add to the importance of business location for whether employees decide to work for you or not – and for client relationships, too.

Local amenities – having amenities around the area such as banks, post depots and supermarkets is important again for prospects, clients and employees. Most employees would prefer to work in an environment which has the amenities surrounding them, allowing them for an easy work-life balance.

Room for growth – does your office space have room for growth? Whether you’re looking to invest in a 4 or a 10-man office, it’s important to recognise the rate of growth your business is achieving. If you’re simply looking for a virtual office space, room for growth is a factor you don’t need to consider – as the number of employees can grow while working from home.

Building – does the building have office security? Exceptional customer service? A reception to greet guests and clients? Here at Grosvenor House, choose a virtual office space with all of the above and more. Find out extra information on how to choose the best virtual office for your business

Tax implications – however, often, central locations can also come with higher taxes. What’s the solution? Virtual offices. Simply pay from as little as £25pp for a virtual office in a thriving location which takes taxes into account– and takes care of many of the bills you would have to fork out if you were renting a permanent office space.

Grosvenor House Location

So, why choose Grosvenor House for your next virtual office? The building is in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre Jewellery Quarter, nestled right in the centre of St. Pauls Square – the perfect location. Surrounded by local amenities and excellent transport links in and out of Birmingham, the building itself is a Grade II listed Georgian building which has been recently renovated. The building then reopened in 2016 as a business service provider.

Choosing Grosvenor St Pauls for your office location is the perfect choice – we can offer a range of facilities including front of house service, call handling, co-working and hot-desking spaces and more. Find out everything you need to know about us today – and discover our virtual office plans in order to maximise the importance of location for your business.