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Top 5: AI tools for start-ups and small businesses

AI has become a hot topic in 2023, with AI generated selfies circulating on social media and the likes of ChatGPT making headlines earlier this year. AI tools for Start-ups and small businesses can increase productivity, streamline process and improve decision making.

There are a number of areas that AI can help support small businesses such as;

  • Customer service automation
  • Artwork
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Cyber security

In this guide, we’ll list the top 5 AI tools for start-ups and small businesses.


What does it do: Chat GPT is a form of generative AI language model which enables users to ask questions and respond with a human-like conversation.

Cost: Free or $20 per month for a premium version

Advantages: Easy to use, and free for everyone. ChatGPT mimics human conversation making it a great tool to explain complex concepts. Its versatility and adaptability mean it can be used across a wide range of industries and functions from copy generation, excel formula generation and even code.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage of ChatGPT is that it cannot be used as an authoritative source of information. This is because it takes its point of reference from the internet, which can be unreliable. The information can also be out of date the information it relies on is from pre-2021. Other disadvantages include legal implications such as copywrite infringement and plagiarism claims.


What does it do: Beautiful.ai creates presentations based on written prompts and can be used for sales proposals, marketing reports, business plans and more.

Cost: Starts at $12 per month

Advantages: As a start-up or small business, it might be a struggle to find dedicated time to work on a presentation’s design element that could give you an edge over your competitors. You can scale your ideas easily with written prompts. It’s also compatible with PowerPoint, slack and other applications.

Disadvantages: If working collaboratively in teams it could potentially be a challenge to onboard other teams if they are already using big alternatives such as PowerPoint or Google sheets.


What does it do: Grammarly is a tool used for identifying spelling and grammar errors and suggests improvements. New features include generative AI which can be used to help with correctness, clarity, word choice and tone of voice.

Cost: The basic version is free and the premium version goes up to £10 per month.

Advantages: Streamlines and automates communication and can be integrated into various applications, including email and Word documents. Can be used to improve effective communication.

Disadvantages: As with all generative AI, you do need to review and check the output of Grammarly as it’s not always 100% correct and is not guaranteed to catch every mistake.


What does it do: Synthesia is a tool that creates professional AI videos and voice overs based on text based prompts.

Cost: Starts at £17.25 per month

Advantages: Create professional videos at a fraction of the cost of hiring a video filming crew. Videos can be used across a range of uses including training videos, customer service and marketing.

Disadvantages: There is an argument about whether using AI-generated actors is ethical in comparison to using actors and video production professionals.

Zia by Zoho

What does it do: Zia is an AI-powered assistant that can help with a number of tasks, including reading customer data, updating documents and reporting data and can be used for sales and business intelligence.

Cost: Starts at £19 per month

Advantages: Streamlines business reporting and insights as well as predictive insights for a fraction of the cost of a business analyst.

Disadvantages: Need to have Zoho CRM for insights in order to use Zia. Also, some reviewers say it can be complex to use.

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