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Quarterly Company Update
18 March 2021
Why accountancy firms should use Grosvenor House
20 April 2021

Here at Grosvenor House, all of our services are available as usual – allowing you to begin the transition back to normality safely


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Grosvenor House has been operating as normal as possible throughout lockdown. However, we’re aware that those working from home, or those who have been stuck in the house home-schooling for the past year or so, may be itching to get back to normality.

That’s why we’re here to reiterate that our services are available as usual, helping to begin the slow transition back to ‘the office’.

What we offer


As well as a multitude of services, including virtual office packages, meeting room hire and more, some key features of our offering during the return to normality include:

  • Our opening hours – as usual, our opening hours remain the same – open from 8:30 – 5:30, Monday – Friday.
  • Post collection available 5 days a week – as part of our registered office package, you will be allocated a postal slot at reception, where all post mailed to your company will be placed. You can come to collect this at any time – and you will be advised on a weekly basis that your post is ready to collect.
  • Social distancing measures put in place – we have effective social distancing measures put into place, to ensure the safety of our staff and customers at all times. This includes our new reception area which allows for keeping to the 2m rule, as well as sanitising between meeting rooms and social distancing put in place for post collection.
  • Self-serve stations – all of our meeting rooms are now set up with self-serve tea and coffee stations, meaning that you can help yourself to refreshing beverages.
  • Flat screens – we’ve also recently kitted out most of our meeting rooms with flat screens, allowing for presentations and meetings to be more technologically seamless.
  • Helping to facilitate the return of face-to-face work environments – with many having had to work from home for a number of months, if not all year, Grosvenor House have put in all the measures possible to ensure a safe return for face-to-face meetings. You can rent our meeting rooms out on an hourly basis, half days or full days – with the options of coworking and hotdesking also available if you’re keen to get out of your home environment.


If you want to know more about our social distancing measures, or simply want to understand more about our service offering, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.