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What is a virtual office?
24 September 2020
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Choosing a virtual office in Birmingham
23 October 2020

What is a virtual receptionist?

How does a virtual receptionist work?

A virtual receptionist acts much like a traditional receptionist, but the difference is that they would work for an outsourced service provider as opposed to being an employee of your business. The role of a virtual office receptionist would typically entail answering calls and delivering messages to your business remotely, while being able to create the impression to callers that they are part of your company.

Other duties include directing callers and customers to the right place, taking and delivering personal messages for the business, intercepting unwanted sales calls and – most importantly – providing the correct information required to customers.

This is why virtual receptionists are viewed as a great benefit to companies, allowing them the flexibility to get their head down while a trusted professional takes care of any admin.

Benefits of virtual receptionists

As well as the above, there are numerous other benefits of virtual office receptionists, including:

  • Excellent customer service – the high-quality experience you’ll receive when hiring a virtual receptionist provides unparalleled customer service, ensuring that callers’ queries are answered and directed to the best person possible.
  • Improve productivity – sometimes, you may be too busy to answer the phone – which leaves callers waiting or constantly experiencing endless ringing, which doesn’t showcase telephone etiquette. A virtual office receptionist will alleviate the time spent answering unnecessary phone calls in a professional manner, and let you get back to what you do best.
  • Money saving – in the long-run, having a virtual office receptionist on board is likely to save you money, and make you money. It will allow more time for someone to nurture and speak to new business sales when you are too busy, while allowing you to work more productively – generating more business in general, and keeping the momentum of the business going, even through busy periods.

Virtual office receptionists at Grosvenor House

Here at Grosvenor House, we offer virtual office reception services as part of our virtual office packages. You can choose from our range of virtual office packages, or you can tailor make your own package – including features such as call forwarding, personalised messages and having access to your own exclusive telephone number for your business.

Not only this, but our virtual office services also provide mail forwarding and handling, conference room hire and access to our professional photos of Grosvenor House for use on your own site.

Find out more information about the benefits of a virtual office, or get in touch with a member of our helpful team to enquire our acquiring our prestigious Birmingham city centre address for your own business.