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13 March 2018
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What is Call Handling?

Grosvenor House is situated in the heart of Birmingham in St. Paul’s Square. We offer virtual office solutions to businesses across the country and internationally. We offer a selection of bespoke tailor-made packages which are personalised to suit your businesses requirements. One of the services offered is called “call handling” – which focusses on handling calls professionally, and takes the hassle away from you and your business.

What is Call Handling, and why Does My Business Need It?

Unbelievably, having someone answer calls on behalf of your company can make a huge impact on your business. Before we start naming all the benefits of call handling, here’s some information on us; although the technical term is a “virtual receptionist”, we’re not going to connect you up to an automated computer system to answer all of your calls and we won’t outsource our call handling services through another company.

We have an internal receptionist employed by Grosvenor House who will answer every single one of your calls. You can chat with our receptionist before signing up for the service to discuss exactly what you want from us when handling your calls. What sets us aside from the rest is our personal service.  We like to spend time getting to know your business as much as possible to ensure our service is as professional as can be and can answer any simple questions your clients may have. Also, any clients that may call your number more than once will always know who they’re talking to and they will hear the same voice and receive the same treatment every time they call.

Enough about us! Here’s how you can benefit from the call handling service at Grosvenor House:

Never Miss Another Call Again!

Driving in the car or having a meeting with a potential client? Don’t worry about missing any important calls because we will answer all of them! We can either forward any incoming calls to your mobile phone or if you are in a meeting and can’t take any calls, we will kindly advise the caller that you are currently in a meeting and you will call them back shortly. We will get an email sent over to you straight away with all their contact details and a reason they are calling.

Save Money on Hiring a Receptionist

On average, the salary for a receptionist can be anything between £15,000 to £25,000 per year. For most start-up businesses, this is a huge cost for them and most wouldn’t even give this a second thought. However, our call answering services in Birmingham are extremely affordable, prices vary dependant on what virtual office package you choose and therefore saving on headcounts and salaries.

The Size of Your Business

Think about it, if you were to call a business and a professional receptionist answered the call and knew exactly who you were wanting to speak to, you would automatically assume the size of the business was much larger, meaning they’re more successful which can only mean the service they’re going to receive from your business will be better than others. Something as small as having someone answer your calls on your behalf gives the illusion of a bigger, better business, and who wouldn’t want that?!

Never Miss a Business Opportunity Again!

It’s very common for people to be extremely impatient – some people want an answer there and then and don’t want to wait. It’s a fact that if someone was to call a business and got through to a voicemail, they’d rather call another number than leave a voicemail and wait for a call-back. Don’t let this happen! We will speak to the caller and either forward their call or we’ll assure them that you’ll call them back as soon as possible.

Take a break by using a call handling company

Everyone deserves a break from work – even the queen goes on holiday at least once a year! If you’re going away for a week or two, just let us know and we’ll adjust our Birmingham-based call handling services around your break. We will either let your client know that you’re currently on annual leave and you will call them back when you return or we will redirect the call to another person. We want you to enjoy your break, stress-free from any calls.

Obviously, we’ve already mentioned that our services are perfectly tailor-made to suit your business requirements so if there is anything we haven’t mentioned in this article or you have a question about our service, we’d love to hear from you