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27 January 2022

Why marketing firms should use Grosvenor House

Here at Grosvenor House, we supply services to a versatile range of clients from various industries. Previously, we spoke about the advantages our office can have for those working in accounting. However, in this blog, we will be discussing why marketing firms should use Grosvenor House.

Benefits of Grosvenor House for marketing professionals

  • Location: the close proximity to the Colmore Business district is beneficial for hosting clients, eyeing up competitors and, of course, socialising after work!
  • Reducing admin for client mail and paperwork: Grosvenor House offer post handling and call forwarding services, which alleviates the endless amounts of paperwork that marketing firms may receive.
  • Registered office address: as a marketing professional, image is paramount – meaning having a registered virtual office in a good location is the perfect solution.

Marketing Case Study: OWB

We spoke to one of our marketing clients, OWB, who have been based in Grosvenor House for two years. Their firm uses Grosvenor House as their main base, and Andy Wilkinson from OWB has described the team’s favourite aspects about working at Grosvenor!

OWB like to utilise the meeting rooms, the bar and their hybrid working facility – as this allows them to work collaboratively with both clients and suppliers. OWB also enjoy the range of co-working and meeting spaces Grosvenor has to offer, as this works especially well for ad hoc meetings. Andy hopes in the upcoming year, OWB will be able to host a range of niche networking events at Grosvenor in 2022.

When asked about the most helpful feature of Grosvenor House, Andy replied, “The marvellous front of house team!” OWB is also fond of working in close vicinity to St Paul’s House: “St Paul’s Square creates an instant feeling of belonging. The proximity to the Colmore Business District is excellent and the range of other businesses here creates a strong bedrock of ideas and networking.” He also fervently enjoys the range of eateries on offer – lunchtime is never boring with such a wide range of choices!

During the Coronavirus pandemic, OWB were very impressed with how Grosvenor House could accommodate them, Andy described their experience as:

“Simply mega. Seamless management, Hannah was super quick and able to help us spec, move and get up and running from Digbeth. The IT facilities are great and quick to facilitate the needs of a digital business. But if there is ever a problem, there is quick access to the management team to talk through requirements. A real partnership feel.”

Interested in using Grosvenor House for your marketing firm? Or perhaps for a business from another industry? Get in touch with our friendly team today, and browse our virtual office packages online.