Hannah Campbell - Grosvenor House
Q&A Series – Hannah Campbell (Director of Business Centre)
1 June 2021
Ellie Byrne - Grosvenor House
Q&A Series – Ellie Byrne (Front of House Receptionist)
6 September 2021

Why tradesperson companies should use Grosvenor House

While our virtual office services are popular among specific industries, such as accountancy firms, we are versatile in our offering. This means we cater for many other industries too, such as tradesperson companies. So, why are Grosvenor House’s services especially beneficial for tradesperson businesses?

Benefits of Grosvenor House for tradesmen


  • Reduces demand pressure – we can help our clients to handle their demand effectively by our range of services.
  • Establishes professionalism – we provide a prestigious postcode for a business’ registered address, as well as providing a variety of services to utilise – such as call/post handling – to help improve the professionalism of a company.
  • Prestigious location – our city centre location allows businesses to use our address as their own, as well as having ample restaurants, bars and things to do around the Jewellery Quarter.
  • Post handling – one of the biggest benefits of using our virtual services for a tradesperson company is our post and mail handling facilities.


Case Study: Midland Pest Control


Speaking to one of our tradesperson companies, Midland Pest Control, they were happy to explain in a little more detail about the services they use here at Grosvenor House. They utilise the following services:


Having worked with Grosvenor House since March 2021, our services for both their business and their clients works well for them: “We have our post delivered to GH and collect it on a regular basis. It provides a central Birmingham address for our clients and potential clients to locate us.”.

When asked what they deem as the most helpful feature we provide, Midland Pest Control answered: “It’s central Birmingham postcode. As covid restrictions continue to ease, we’re looking forward to being able to use other facilities with Grosvenor as time progresses!”


Case Study: Doctor Locks


Another one of our tradesperson companies had some great feedback for us about how we help their company – Doctor Locks, a Birmingham based locksmith. The facilities and services Doctor Locks utilise include:

  • Virtual office service
  • Meeting rooms
  • Post handling


Doctor Locks have been with Grosvenor House for many years, since we opened our doors, and they love how our virtual office packages allow them to encompass complete professionalism: “It takes the pressure off and helps us look like more than a ‘man-in-a-van’ company, and more of an established business. People are impressed when they see I’ve got an office in the Jewellery Quarter, as it’s prestigiously located.”

Doctor Locks explain how they use the facilities and services at Grosvenor House for their business and clients: “We use post handling with GH, meaning that parcels and post can be collected, and this works really well for us. We’re able to successfully keep on top of demand this way, and the team at Grosvenor always ring as soon as something needs collecting.”

When asked if there’s a feature that they find most helpful, they exclaimed how the location is everything. “It provides so much ease for my business. As the job is so varied, everything on offer is a real benefit for when I need it – and simply dropping off a key is so easy, it’s fantastic. Or if I need an office for tomorrow morning, it’s really easy and simple.”

Doctor Locks ended by a final comment: “I just want to thank all of the team at Grosvenor House for being so helpful – everyone is brilliant.”

Interested in using Grosvenor House for your own tradesperson business? Or perhaps for a company from another industry? Get in touch with our friendly team today, and browse our virtual office packages online.