A Call Handling Service built with you in mind

Explore the benefits of a comprehensive call handling service at Grosvenor House - the ultimate addition to your virtual office package.

What is a
Call Handling Service?

A call handling service is a professional solution designed to manage and handle incoming phone calls on behalf of a business. Typically outsourced, these services ensure that calls are answered promptly, professionally, and in accordance with the client's specific instructions. Call handling services, like those provided by Grosvenor House, offer a range of features, including call forwarding, message taking, appointment scheduling, and personalised greetings. This allows businesses to maintain a professional image, enhance customer service, and focus on core operations while ensuring that every incoming call is managed efficiently and effectively.

Why choose a call handling service
Grosvenor House

Focus on your priorities

Outsourcing call handling services is a strategic move that can significantly benefit businesses, and Grosvenor House excels in providing this integral component as part of its comprehensive virtual office package. Firstly, outsourcing to a specialised call handling service allows companies to focus on their core competencies without the distraction of managing incoming calls. Grosvenor House's dedicated professionals ensure that every call is handled efficiently, presenting a polished and professional image to clients and partners.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Moreover, utilising Grosvenor House's call handling service enhances flexibility for your business. Whether it's managing high call volumes during peak times or handling overflow during unexpected situations, the scalable nature of this service ensures that businesses maintain seamless communication without compromising quality.

Save time and

Cost-effectiveness is another key advantage. By outsourcing call handling, companies can avoid the expenses associated with hiring and training in-house staff or covering holidays and absences, as well as investing in infrastructure and technology. Grosvenor House's call handling service offers a cost-efficient solution that provides a high level of service without the burden of additional overhead costs.

Keep your business

In the competitive business landscape, professionalism and efficiency in communication are paramount. Our call handling service not only streamlines operations but also elevates the overall customer experience, contributing to the success and growth of businesses in an increasingly dynamic market. What’s more, using a call handling service creates the impression that your business and team is more robust, larger, and more professional.

Call Handling
at Grosvenor House

When you select to use call handling with us, you won’t simply receive a one-size-fits-all call referral package. Our team act as your front of house, creating an air of professionalism each and every time we pick up the phone. We understand that we represent your business, and that your success is our success - that’s why we take the time to truly understand your business, your vision and your values to provide an unrivalled level of call handling customer service each and every time.

Choose your package

Registered Office


  • Use our Birmingham address across all correspondence
  • Register your business using our prestigious address
  • Use of Grosvenor House professional photography
Mail Forwarding & Handling


  • Registered office
  • Postal address in the heart of Birmingham
  • Post forwarding to an alternative location
  • Confidential open/scan & email service
  • Choose from an array of add-on services to suit you
Call Handling


  • Registered office
  • Postal address in the heart of Birmingham
  • Professional call handling using your company’s name
  • Experience high quality calls using the latest technology
  • Calls forwarded to your mobile or landline
Premium Business Package


  • Registered office
  • Mail forwarding & handling
  • Exclusive telephone number for your company
  • Own your own phone line
  • Professional call handling using your company’s name
  • Call forwarding & personal messaging
  • Free consultation service

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