What is Coworking Space? Everything you need to know

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What is Coworking Space? Everything you need to know

Coworking is the perfect way to offer the flexibility that’s so often required in modern day professionalism. But what is coworking space and how can it help your business? From the benefits of coworking space to learning what it includes, find out all you need to know about coworking spaces today.

What is coworking space?

Essentially, coworking spaces are shared workspaces. They are used primarily by professionals who are in need of office space at an affordable price. People are often drawn to using coworking spaces to avoid the isolation of working in coffee shops or working from home, as coworking spaces offer a community and hub for likeminded people to work in a professional environment. Coworking spaces are perfect for small businesses, freelancers or new start-ups.

In a coworking space, amenities are often included. At Grosvenor House, services include superfast broadband, secure storage, unlimited use of printer and scanner, exclusive kitchenette access and more. Learn more about our coworking spaces now.

Benefits of coworking spaces

As well as escaping the isolation of working on your own, there are benefits of coworking spaces that should be considered when looking for new office space. Some of these include:

  • Cost – choosing a coworking space instead of forking out for a fully-fledged office can save you hundreds of pounds in the long run. With contracts from as little as £175pm, compared to the bills and rent you’d pay out for an office, it’s worth considering coworking spaces for your business from a financial perspective.
  • Networking – surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals puts you at an advantage for networking. Having other start up founders or freelancers around you can create advantages – especially if in a similar industry.
  • Flexibility – most coworking spaces offer flexibility without the commitment of long-term contracts, allowing you to tailor-make your business and not feel trapped to limitations of an office space.
  • Services – have the satisfaction of being able to turn up to work in an environment that caters for your professional needs without the hassle of having to purchase furniture, equipment and more for yourself, as you would in a rented office. With coworking spaces, all the technical problems, operative and administrative tasks will be handled by someone else – leaving you more time to get on with your work.

As with everything, there are pros and cons of coworking spaces:

  • Brand expression – it can be argued that without a leased office, you don’t have the opportunity to express your brand e.g. painting the walls, customising the office, putting your stamp on it. However, as a new start up, well-decorated offices do not represent you – and coworking spaces may be much more financially beneficial for the meantime.
  • Distractions – coworking spaces can often be quite sociable, and this may not suit your business needs e.g. sales calls, the need to concentrate. However, if this is the case, we offer private rooms for hire. Either use the breakout area or the bar to take private phone calls in – and we also have private office space, too.

Here at Grosvenor House, we offer flexible and spacious shared office space in a prime central Birmingham location – St. Paul’s Square, the Jewellery Quarter. Classically Georgian with a contemporary twist, find 5* tailor-made solutions with no long-term contracts from just £175pm. Learn more about our coworking spaces in Birmingham today.

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